Member input to Akisqnuk Land Use Plan -- from Anywhere

Akisqnuknik wherever they may be are encouraged to have their say in the community's land use planning process. An online feedback map has been set up where all Akisqnuknik can provide their input:

A Land Use Plan is a document that sets forth a future vision for how Akisqnuk reserve lands will be used for the benefit of Akisqnuknik (conservation areas, culturally significant sites, housing areas, community & recreation areas, and potential economic development). The future vision, as informed by akisqnuknik, will be reflected through a series of visual maps along with a set of policy recommendations to ensure the vision is made possible.

Further, the land use plan is an attempt to give a physical location to the many community priorities outlined in the many planning documents the first nation has completed like the the AFN Housing Strategy and the Comprehensive Community Plan.

For more information or to schedule a home visit contact Akisqnuk Land Use Plan Ambassador Amanda Armstrong, (250) 342-6301, or contact lands manager, Adrian Bergles at (250) 342-6301.



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