Housing Department

Housing solutions for Akisqnuknik on and off reserve are being strategized and worked toward.

Housing Manager Stella Sam is available at the band office, 250-342-6301 or by email: slsam@akisqnuk.org

Some initiatives:

Here are the drafts for the two new Housing Policies,

We want your feedback! Email Stella Sam with feedback or to book an appointment to discuss it.

This policy has NOT gone before council yet, this is a very first draft so we can get community input on it before presenting for approval.

Rental Policy 2017

Home Owned Policy 2017

- A matching grant of up to $8,000 is available to help Akisqnuknik on and off reserve with housing repairs or to fund a down payment on a home: Akisqnuk Housing Grant Application. A copy of the housing grant policy is available here.

- An Akisqnuk First Nation Housing Authority to implement solutions and keep housing at arm's length from the first nation is being considered. A presentation on the subject is available here.

We have had three community engagement sessions with 20+ members in attendance in each! We discussed and hopefully clarified most of the questions and now we are hoping to hear feedback from community on the final say: Should we form this authority? If you have any concerns or would like to send us your comments, please do so by March 3rd. All your feedback will be compiled and presented to Council on March 8th Chief and Council meeting, at which point they will make a decision on this matter based on community’s input.

Please submit all your comments to Stella Sam at slsam@akisqnuk.org, by phone at 250-6887432, or in person at the Band office.

If you have not been able to attend any of the meetings, please check the link below to watch the full videos from our February 2nd meeting that was presented by our legal counsel.





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